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Canberra's Double Glazing Specialists

ACT Double Glazed is Canberra's Double Glazing Specialists!
"We are a locally owned and Family run business. We pride ourselves in providing great customer service with top quality products and skilled workmanship from our qualified trades that is second to none.  At ACTDoubleGlazed we are passionate about Energy Efficiency"

We do not do secondary glazing and we do not fit any double glazed products to already existing frames of windows/doors as this

is not a proper fix if you are after better energy efficiency levels, it only fixes part of the issues.

We do FULL replacement of your windows and doors, and specialize in uPVC double glazing.

 Wouldn't you rather a product that fully enhances your house in all aspects of - energy efficiency, security, sound proofing and style.

Not a quick cheap fix of your existing windows/doors for your home that is a life long investment?

Double Glazed Window & Door Replacement
Professionals in Canberra

ACT Double Glazed is a locally owned and family run Canberra based business specialising in the supply of Australian manufactured uPVC double glazed windows and doors.  We are Canberra's double glazing specialists and offer a free measure and quote service for new and existing home owners as well as services for Architects, Designers and Builders. We have a full installation service available for both new construction and existing homes using our team of qualified tradespeople. Our tradies have worked in all aspects of residential construction and are trained in the installation of uPVC double glazed windows and doors, so you can rest easy knowing that fully qualified trades people are working on your investment.

Why use uPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors?

uPVC is almost a maintenance free product designed with a life span larger than forty years. If needed it can be fully recycled saving our trees and protecting the environment as well as reducing the contributions of harmful emissions polluting our environment. uPVC is naturally flame retardent and does not support combustion so is well suited to the Australian conditions.

1. Energy Efficiency - Save on your heating and cooling costs:

We all know that insulating your walls and roof space keeps you warm in winter and cooler in summer right? Well putting single glazing in a well-insulated home is like having a hole in your wall, all your heating and cooling is just going out the window and frames! Given the extreme heat of our local Summer and the cooler months of winter having uPVC Double glazed windows and doors installed will save you on your energy bills as well as the environment.


2.  Security - Increase security of your home:

Most standard single glazed aluminium windows and doors can just be lifted out, unless you fit after-market locks that you are always trying to find the keys too when you want to open them or get out. All our windows and doors have either multi-locking systems or other built in security devices.

3.  Sound Insulation - Lower the amount of noise both coming in and going out:

Do you live on a main street, or have constant traffic noise? Neighbours dog keeping you up all night? Or can your neighbours hear your children yelling etc? Single glazing is not going to help at all! uPVC double glazed units are so good, when we are installing them they have to opened up so that we can hear what the other carpenter is saying on the other side.

4.  Maintenance free:

Being uPVC frames, there is no rotting, warping or fading of materials due to the weather conditions, no painting required ever. All that your uPVC windows need when they have dust or pollen on them is a bucket of warm soapy water and wipe them over.

5. Style and Value:

At ACT Double Glazed we supply and install only the best products allowing you to instantly add value and style to your home.  Our windows and doors will give your home a lovely modern, clean line look and will save you on your energy bills .


U Value of Double Glazing
The lower the U value, the lower the heat transfer and the better the insulation.

U-value is the measure of the heat gain or loss through your windows.  Essentially it is a measure of your home’s energy efficiency.  The higher the U-value is  the worse the thermal performance of the unit will be, in return costing you more on your energy bills.  The less the U-value is the better the insulation you will have which means the window has a greater resistance to the heat gain or loss, therefore saving you money on your heating and cooling.

Sound Reduction
Sound reduction cahrt
UPVC Double Glazed Replacement Front Door - ACT Double Glzaed

Door Replacement

At ACT Double  Glazed we replace your old worn out entry doors or external doors with new uPVC Double Glazed Doors. Our team are truly the best qualified trades people that take pride in the quality of their work.

UPVC Double Glazed Window - ACT Double GLazed

Window Replacement

At ACT Double Glazed replace your old windows with new uPVC Double Glazed Windows. Feel safe that our team are all qualified carpenters and are the best in what they do.

ACT Double Glazed - the best product, the best advice and the best people.